About Us

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars.”  — Jack Kerouac

We are Kara and Mark (“KarMa”), two lovers of travel who met while hiking Hong Kong’s Dragon’s Back mountain in October 2011. Since that day, we have journeyed together across four continents, from the beaches of Indonesia to the Swiss Alps to the California coast. We collect new experiences by embracing local customs and traditions, until our fish-out-of-water feeling dissolves into one of familiarity. We seek to find commonality amongst those very different than us. We enjoy meals both simple and elegant, aren’t afraid to sample new delicacies, and become easily enamoured by local wine. Whether we sleep in a tent underneath a starlit sky, or wake up in a luxury hotel to the aroma of fresh coffee, the delight and thrill of exploring what is beyond the next horizon is what drives us to keep traveling.







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